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Dr. Susan Rife, D.O.

I've struggled with weight issues my entire life, so I'm interactive with my patients to teach them good nutrition and exercise programs. We offer a medically supervised program that is here to support you. 

McKinnon, Kimberly, DO.jpg

Dr. Kimberly McKinnon, D.O.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to see a patient succeed in achieving weight management goals. The confidence and relief they show is hard-earned and deserves to be celebrated, and I will be there to share in that joy. When you succeed; I succeed.


Lindsay Gnade, P.A.-C

I believe every patient is different in what will work for them in regards to nutrition. I take an individual approach to each patient to customize a plan that is maintainable with their lifestyle.


Daniela Jurevicius, P.A.-C

I believe so many people are put down by the media telling them what they should look like, losing track of what is really important, our health. I want my patients to feel comfortable and know how proud I am of them taking their first step in their weight management journey. 


Brigita Kurtinyte, RDN, LDN

As a Registered Dietitian, I seek to provide not only credible nutrition information, but also accountability, guidance, and unbiased support. My goal is to supply the knowledge and skill set that patients need to feel confident in overcoming not only their current nutrition-related challenges but also future ones and on their own. 

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