Dr. Susan Rife, D.O.

I've struggled with weight issues my entire life, so I'm interactive with my patients to teach them good nutrition and exercise programs. We offer a medically supervised program that is here to support you. 

Lindsay Gnade, P.A.-C

I believe every patient is different in what will work for them in regards to nutrition. I take an individual approach to each patient to customize a plan that is maintainable with their lifestyle.

Dr. Kimberly McKinnon, D.O.

 Nothing gives me more satisfaction than to see a patient succeed in achieving weight management goals. The confidence and relief they show is hard-earned and deserves to be celebrated, and I will be there to share in that joy. When you succeed; I succeed.


Daniela Jurevicius, P.A.-C

I believe so many people are put down by the media telling them what they should look like, losing track of what is really important, our health. I want my patients to feel comfortable and know how proud I am of them taking their first step in their weight management journey. 

Dalton Sexton, P.A.-C

I believe in patient-centered care and involving the patient in making their own medical decisions by allowing them to make lifestyle and dietary adjustments that are sustainable to them. I make sure every plan is individualized to meet each patient's needs. 

Cory Cunningham, P.A.-C

As a practitioner, I believe that my role is to help patients live their best lives and weight management is a huge part of that. I have conversations with my patients in a safe environment where patients can share their fears and frustrations while educating them. 

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