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“Weight No More provided the tools to get me started and keep me motivated to continue to keep active and lose weight. They explained about carbs and salt and how they affect weight loss.


It's made me the happiest fitting into my clothes comfortably and feeling like myself."


“I felt like Daniela really understood how I was feeling about all the weight I had gained over the past year so I decided right then to give this program a try.


What has made me the happiest about working with Weight No More is knowing that won't get the side-eye look if I have an off day and being able to keep the weight off." 


“This program has kept me accountable while being supportive and keeping it a healthy experience" 





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I love going to this place. They've helped me a great deal on my journey without making me feel guilty when I fall and are right there to encourage me to get back up and keep going. I really appreciate all their help.The doctor is very kind and caring and is great with setting video appointments and taking her time with me answers every question I have. I feel very good about that. The nutritionist is not one who criticizes when you don't stay on track but helps you figure out what made you go off track and get back on. The entire staff is extra friendly and nice.


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For those of us who need to lose weight, this is a wholistic, personal approach. The docs and the nutritionist care. That's key.

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