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Healthy Food



We offer customized weight loss programs, a science-based approach from a licensed medical provider, and a registered dietitian on diet and exercise behaviors. 

The weight management plans focus on real foods and may incorporate medications and surgery if you and your provider decide it's the best option for you.


We will help you choose the best components to fit your lifestyle to design a plan unique to you.

we can help you with

  • Weight loss

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Nutrition education

  • Post-pregnancy weight loss

  • Balanced diet

  • Meal planning

  • Calorie counting

  • Healthy grocery shopping

Healthy Food


If necessary we can order the following labs:

Sex hormones

An imbalance can impact your ability to lose and maintain weight​

Thyroid hormones

A complex relationship exists between your thyroid, metabolism, and weight

Stress Hormones

High levels of stress can trigger your body to store additional belly fat


Insulin Resistance Markers

When insulin levels are chronically high and the body becomes resistant to insulin, fat storage can be further increased 


Inflammation and General Health Markers

Inflammation, anemia, and vitamin D status are all important weight loss markers 

these labs help us gain an understanding of obstacles in the way of your goals.

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